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Field Specifications:

Runways 03/21 - 8,500x150 ft
Field Elevation 968' MSL
Location 33°25.3'N 112°22.5'W
Size 789 acres

Airport Remarks:

Attended 1300- 0400Z. E-W power lines 100 feet AGL ½ mile S approach end Rwy 03 unmarked and unlighted some NSTD marking. Numerous large acft parked approximately 500’ W of Rwy 03-21. Mountains SE at 6 miles to 4500’. Military jet tfc 5 miles west of arpt. Acft departing Rwy 03 assigned right crosswind climb straight ahead to Litchfield Road or passing 1032’ AGL before starting right turn. Noise abatement in effect ctc 602-273-4300. Noise sensitive neighborhood 1-3 miles NNE- NE of arpt. TPA- 1968(1000) light acft and non-turbo jets; 2468(1500) heavy acft and turbo jets; 1468(500) helicopters. For MIRL Rwy 03-21 or REIL Rwy 03 and Rwy 21 during dalgt hrs ctc twr or arpt on 623-932-4550. After SS MIRL Rwy 03-21 are on. PAPI Rwy 03 and Rwy 21 opr continuously, REIL Rwy 03 and Rwy 21 turned off when twr clsd. Fee for all charters; travel clubs and certain revenue producing acft. NOTE: See Special Notices- Aerobatic Operations.