Phoenix Goodyear

Taxiway Rehabilitation and Strengthening Project


Phoenix Goodyear Airport Gets a Taxiway Upgrade

The Phoenix Goodyear Airport will undergo a Taxiway Rehabilitation and Strengthening Project for a full length rehab of the Alpha Taxiway. This project will start in October 2018 with a scheduled duration of 115 days.

Taxiway-A-Rehabilitation-project-Exhibit-G-102-(Rev-20181002)-(003)The Project includes the strengthening and rehabilitation of approximately 60,000 square yards of asphalt on Taxiway A and will bring the surface up to Aircraft Design Group IV (ADG IV) Standards.

In addition to strengthening the Taxiway, 30-foot shoulders will be constructed along both sides of Taxiway A.

The project will also remove direct access to runway 3/21 from the ramp at Alpha 3 by relocating, resigning and relighting the connector. The work at Taxiway Alpha 3 will include constructing fillets to meet Taxiway Design Group 5 standards.

This FAA grant-funded project will also improve safety at the airport by installing enhanced centerline markings, surface painted hold position markings at the connector taxiways as well as enhancing ramp lighting.