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Field Specifications:

Runways 03/21 - 8,500x150 ft
Field Elevation 971' MSL
Location 33°25.3'N 112°22.5'W
Size 789 acres

Airport Remarks:

Attended 1300 - 0400Z. E-W power lines 100 feet AGL 1/2 mile S approach end Rwy 03 unmarked and unlighted some NSTD marking. Numerous large acft parked approximately 500´ W of Rwy 03-21. Mountains SE at 6 miles to 4500´. Military jet tfc 5 miles west of arpt. Acft departing Rwy 03 assigned right crosswind climb straight ahead to Litchfield Road or passing 1032´ AGL before starting right turn. Noise abatement in effect ctc 602-273-4300. Noise sensitive neighborhood 1-3 miles NNE-NE of arpt. TPA -1971(1000) light acft and non-turbo jets; 2471(1500) heavy acft and turbo jets; 1471(500) helicopters. For MIRL Rwy 03-21 or REIL Rwy 03 and Rwy 21 during dalgt hrs ctc twr or arpt on 623-932-4550. After SS MIRL Rwy 03-21 are on. PAPI Rwy 03 and Rwy 21 opr continuously, REIL Rwy 03 and Rwy 21 turned off when twr clsd. Fee for all charters; travel clubs and certain revenue producing acft. User fee arpt. NOTE: See Special Notices - Aerobatic Operations.